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Home Videos Kristen Wolf swallows daddy like a good girl.

Kristen Wolf swallows daddy like a good girl.

 | views: 119936

Kristen Wolf knows how to make her Sugar Daddy cum fast and hard. It's always the innocent looking ones that know how to slurp the best cock.

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  • memberkhlQ2IslagnpIy43 -

    Some general feedback. This is porn, so while a blowjob like that is admittedly great for you, it is so so for us as far as entertainment. Porn in my humble opinion is doing things to girls we mere mortals can't by pushing the limits a bit. So in a blowjob scene like this, spice it up with more head grabbing, would love to see some nose pinching. We need to live vicariously through you. Also love when you fish hook the girls during sex. Just some thoughts for you to consider. Keep up the great work